barrell up a hillThe first week at a new location is always an exiting time but it is particularly nice when a place exceeds all expectations within minutes of arriving. The warm welcome and sheer beauty of Verd Energia, the community and permaculture farm myself and James are currently living at, really made us eager for what the upcoming month has in store.

The community itself has a lot going on and has adopted many innovative sustainable principles which are benefitting both the residents of Verd Energia and the local area and community, all of which you will be able to read about in the upcoming profile.  It really is fascinating to see not just progressive ideological concepts for community living, but how the practical aspects of living in an ecological way are managed.

jim spadeThere is a great deal to be done here and we’ve been getting well and truly stuck in with many aspects of day to day life as well as working to develop and expand this growing community. The stunning location of Verd Energia, set amongst tropical forests, nestled in the mountains of Western Costa Rica is also serving as fantastic inspiration for photography and filming which we have been doing much of so that you may all enjoy a little bit of our experience here.

In addition to all this I have been making regular blood donations to the local insect life, none of which I have received thanks for so far I may add. The subsequent itching however is a very small price to pay for living and working in paradise. It’s amazing to see how working to improve the world can be so enjoyable.

Pura Vida



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