me and me beachAs I sit looking out from my jungle cabin, the late morning sunlight hitting the surrounding banana trees, I’m feeling slightly relieved. Why?  Because this week has for the most part been un-seasonally, and at times unbearably, wet. ‘Oh poor you’ I hear you say. I know it’s hard to feel sympathy for someone on the Caribbean cost of Costa Rica, but honestly 100% humidity for someone who originates from South East England can be tricky. No complaints however as the wet weather has not at all put a dampener on our weeks work which has been both exiting and thought provoking!

For me the highlight of the week was our trip to Punta Mona Center for Sustainable Development and Education to interview it’s founder Stephen Brooks- someone who has a long and exiting history in the world of sustainable development. I wont delve in to too much detail, as you will be able to find out more about our visit shortly. What I will say however, is how inspiring it is to be around someone so passionate about his work yet who talks about sustainability so simply and so logically. I came away from my time with Stephen thinking… how is something as overwhelming obvious as our need for sustainability being constantly thought of as ‘alternative’.  Time to make it mainstream? I think so.

The time spent with Stephen and many other people this week, who’s personalities and passions have injected me with what feels like a new boost of determination, has re-affirmed what I’ve been banging on about for months… People are brilliant! At this point in On With Life’s journey the future feels very much unwritten and the next few weeks will I think reveal a lot. I know where I am trying to go but not necessarily how I’m going to get there. I have learned on this trip however that with the right intention and by being around the right people the ‘how’ usually takes care of itself.

Now I’m off for a spot of fishing, as the saying goes… “Give Chris a fish and he’ll eat for an hour, Give Chris a fishing rod and he wont do anything else all day!”  But I mean, it is Sunday after all.

Oh and one more thing, big love to my new born nephew George Alston, I very much look forward to meeting him on my return to the UK!

Pura Vida



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