The second week at Verdenergia permaculture farm has been just as enjoyable, if not more so, than the first. After an incredible weekend on the stunning Pacific beaches of Costa Rica enjoying warm seas, hot sun, and spectacular sunsets I happily returned to the farm for another week of work and as always learning.

epic chris photoThe majority of my time this week has been spent building using cob (an ecological method of building using clay, sand, and straw), and caring for the farm’s rabbits and chickens. Both of these tasks I really enjoyed and continuing to gain greater knowledge and appreciation of skills which support a more sustainable lifestyle is both exiting and thought provoking.

What left the biggest impression on me this week however has been the dynamics of the people within the community and my further integration into it, as I find myself developing strong and rewarding friendships with different people of all ages. It is particularly impressive to observe how a group which varies between 20-30 people and whom for the most part have not known each other very long can quickly, efficiently, and peacefully overcome the issues which naturally arise when living and working in such close proximity. More impressive still is that the majority of those here have spent little if any time living in such an environment, and yet have quickly adapted not just to different style of living but one which is so enjoyable for everybody involved.  Although of course tutting, raising of eyebrows, and snide comments are all available options, strangely these are I think a little less effective than techniques adopted here based on listening, respect, and mutual appreciation. But then what do I know eh?

The ability to adapt to new situations and needs, of which permaculture is itself a


perfect example of, is something which we as people are I think naturally good at if of course we choose to be. Now more than ever I believe the world needs to adapt and evolve and spending time at this place and around these people gives me every confidence that we can do it!

Oh and by the way…. Costa Rica is SO good!

Pura vida



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