As we approach the end of March and our fifth month in Central America things are continuing to get better and better!

me tea cakeIt was never our intention to spend so long in Central America, in fact based on our initial plan we were supposed to be somewhere in the southern regions of Ecuador by now. You know what they say though, ‘Plans are made to be broken’ or was it ‘rules’? Anyway, you catch my drift-we are still here and very happy to be so.

Costa Rica has so much to offer in terms of sustainable development, and it really is fantastic for myself and James to be spending time in a place where inspirational, pro-active people, who share our passion for positive change, constantly surround us.

By the time we leave this extraordinary country we will have documented examples of sustainable change in areas including community, human rights, food production, environmental regeneration, tourism, and education. I think it is important to remember that sustainable development is so much more than recycling beer bottles and putting up wind turbines. I am not in anyway belittling the importance of these things, they are of course very important, but it goes so much deeper. We are finding that for every aspect of society there are more effective and sustainable alternatives just waiting to be put in to action. By highlighting these already existing examples and raising awareness, we hope to bring us all that much closer to doing it.


Through remaining flexible and open to new opportunities over the course of our travels, we have discovered and experienced so much more than we could possibly have done had we rigidly stuck to our plans. Perhaps if we applied this same attitude of flexibility and openness on a societal scale, instead of stubbornly sticking to un-sustainable and out dated ‘plans’, we would be naturally be led toward a much brighter future…just a thought.

Happy Easter to all

Pura Vida




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