Half way there!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAnd so our expedition continues! Envision Music Festival on the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica marks the half way stage of this incredible journey – getting on with life, on with living and experiencing first hand the solutions that will lay the foundations for our future.

Having spent the last month volunteering at Verdenergia permaculture farm, a five-day festival on the pacific coast of Costa Rica was too tempting to resist. I mean, “all work and no play” and all that. Whilst most people here at the farm were to be running a food stand at the festival as a way to generate funds for the farms’ ongoing work, for us and a couple of other volunteers it was a time for enjoying the beautiful beaches, swimming in the ocean and letting the myriad of music, art and beautiful people sweep us up and take us for a ride. As with every step of our trip so far, we took away more from the festival than we expected.

At the point we decided to set up On With Life we had a choice, the choice was whether we should spend a long time planning, learning, researching, planning some more and finding out exactly how we should do things, or to simply pick up a camera, our journals and do it. As you may have guessed we chose the latter and our trip has indeed been a learning curve, and a steep one at that, but one we have reveled in every second.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAPassing the halfway stage brought with it a time of reflection, the work we’ve done, the people we’ve met, the friendships we’ve made, and the things we’ve learnt. Don’t worry we’re not about to list all of these as I’m sure you all have lives to live and do not want to spend the next few hours reading our extensive list of mishaps and, of course, breakthroughs. There is one particular lesson worth mentioning though, as the festival also happened to include what could have been one of the biggest “mishaps” so far, but one that has now given way to one of our most important breakthroughs.

Day three of Envision festival, after two days of scorching coastal sunshine, brought with it a freak rainstorm which not only turned the festival site in to a muddy swamp, but also caused our camera to stop working from moisture getting inside, leaving an essential cog in the life of the project in jeopardy.  After almost three days of sporadic rain, the sun rose on the final morning of the festival and the sky was crystal clear and blue again. With a strong resolve and a positive mind we knew that, not only were the camera and the project still very much alive, but also that something significant lay ahead – a sky like that doesn’t mean bad times are coming.

What followed was one of the most synergetic weeks of the trip. After resting in rice for a few days to absorb the moisture, the camera was indeed rolling again and back in the hands of its other half, James, and in time for our interview with the founder of Verdenergia, Josh NoName – an insightful interview covering the current sociopolitical situation in America, the truth behind big business agriculture and practical advice on how we move forward as a society. And through ‘chance’ encounters, we met and connected with some great contacts, some of which could mean a big leap for the project. So what seemed like an unquestionably negative occurrence has in fact turned out to be the catalyst in a series of events that could take On With Life to the next level (more information on that soon).

With a fresh sense of purpose, drive and love for our work we very enthusiastically step into the second half of our journey. Do we perhaps wish that we had taken that first option and meticulously planned our venture? Not for a second! The lessons  

half wave there

learned on this trip, although hard at times, could never have been learned through sitting in front of a computer screen, and we’ve had a lot more fun doing it this way. So our advice to anyone thinking about doing something a bit new or out of their comfort zone…

Just Do It!


Pura Vida


Chris and James



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