Three months in!


Since beginning our journey on the 1st November in Guatemala myself and James have had so many incredible experiences, visiting many inspirational places in countries including Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua and Costa Rica, that it is hard to believe it has all taken place in just three short months.

On our travels so far we have encountered models of sustainable education, functioning principles for collectively run communities, fresh ideas for environmental preservation and so much more, all of which we are very exited to be documenting so that they can be shared with as many people as possible. More incredible still have been the people we have met, people with drive, enthusiasm, and determination to improve the world in which we live. The support and generosity we have received regarding our project, both from those of at home in Britain and people we have met along the way has also provided us with the confidence we need to continue with the work we are doing.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe have learnt so much already, for example that managing a project without the aid of a laptop when traveling is (a little unsurprisingly) difficult. Fortunately however luck seems to be firmly on our side and this issue was recently resolved exactly when it needed to be……. crackin!

It has been fantastic to observe such a wealth of positivity in places, which although beautiful and filled with such wonderful people, continue to face serious issues of poverty, poor health, and pollution. Although there are many problems currently facing Central America, what we have been made certain of is that good is being done and it is our pleasure to be highlighting this.

I would also like to assure you that whilst embarking on our humble mission to help make the world a better place we are also loving every second, so for those of you who I’m sure are concerned that we are working ourselves in to the ground, you may now rest easy.

One final word to say thanks to all that are following our progress and providing us with such greatly appreciated support, we will keep you as updated as possible with our progress in Latin America  and if you like what we are doing please share our page with as many people as possible.

Stay happy



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