And so…two lads from different sides of the north/south divide in ole’ blighty hopped on a plane headed for Guatemala City and hit the road through Central America to find out what IS working in our world. Its been a unbelievable journey. We’ve met some inspiring, life changing people along the way who are taking the ideas that are laying the foundations for a better future and putting them into action! The growing number of people from all over the world demanding positive change and the growing number putting exactly that into action now have a bridge to connect and share with one another. Its called On With Life!

We feel there has been so much lost from modern day mainstream media. How it is that we are denied basic information and simple truth about what goes on in our world? How is it that when incredible, planet altering inventions or movements or projects surface from extraordinary people and groups across the globe we have to scour the internet to see them? We want this to change!

If you believe in OWL then lets take this to the next level! Share this video with as many people as you can! Post it on walls, put it in messages, put it in status’, email it to friends, family and neighbours. Will your postman be interested? Of course! We want this to be as big as it possibly can be and we can only do that with the help of our Owl’s! So lets start today!

James & Chris


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One response to “NEW PROMO VIDEO!

  1. hi luvs!

    great promo video! i just wanna write down a few thoughts i had when i watched the video. first thing, is your interview with stephen from punta mona…i can’t hear a thing that he’s saying! maybe lower the music and put in subtitles? subtitles at the minimum. second thing is, i know you lads, and you guys are great and i know what y’alls intention is with this doco. however, objectively the vision and what’s actually in the promo video isn’t really married at all. i know you guys have great footage and if it’s about change let’s see it! a lot of it is beautiful landscapes, having fun, movement from place to place….where is the footage of the permaculture farms? the intentional communities and the different values they take on compared to western culture? the affect on the local community on us and our affect on them (positive or negative)? where is this truth you guys speak of? maybe more information, more interview snippets, more voices from the local communities and more consciousness raising community building practices. i know it’s only a 4 minute promo video and this stuff can be hard for such a short period of time. i feel like you guys can nail it much better and show what OWL is really trying to push forward.

    luv you guys, safe travels and sending you much luv and good vibrations.
    hugs xoxoxo

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