Chris’ Update

P1030067 copyThere have been certain moments over the last 6 months when the purpose of what we are trying to create through On With Life, has been strongly affirmed. Without a doubt, one of these moments was Friday last week when we held a booth at the Global Issues Network (GIN) conference at the Country Day School in San Jose.

GIN is an organization dedicated to raising awareness of the global issues we face in todays world, and through events such as this, they aim to educate and inspire young people to focus on the solutions available so that they may help put them in to action.

P1030073 The time we spent at the conference was better than we could have ever imagined. We found ourselves surrounded by bright, passionate and intelligent people from ages 5 to 60, all of whom were enthusiastic and confident in their beliefs that through working together the creation of a better, more sustainable world is more than achievable. Of course there were those who were far more interested in whether or not we were giving away ‘free stuff’ but then who isn’t interested free stuff?

I truly believe that improving education is one of the most, if not the most important factor in creating a better world. We hope to play a part in this educational process, by highlighting, sharing, and developing new, innovative ideas, which already exist all around the world.

P1030047Soon to be heading out to the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica once again, I am extremely exited for the month that lay ahead. As we continue to visit innovative projects and continue to build On With Life further, we are also to begin work with the Eco Preservation Society, helping them in their mission to rejuvenate and reforest vast areas of Costa Rica.

We will also be working hard to bring you exiting and informative profiles on the people and places we have so far visited very soon!


Thank you all for your continuing support!


Pura Vida




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