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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASo, as we enter into the month of May our work here at ocean ranch is now in full swing.  The few days spent here so far have been incredible. The shear abundance of life here is amazing and everywhere I turn it there seems to be some creature or plant worth filming.  Arnoldo, the wildlife expert here, told me that I should take the camera everywhere I go ‘even the bathroom’. This in fact was proven to be true just 20 minutes ago when I was visited by a humming bird in the shower which hovered just inches from my face, alas I had not taken his advice. Even though his words were true, even I draw the line at filming myself showering, regardless of the reasoning.



At this particular project the main aim is plant over 40,000 trees in order to re-establish natural habitat 25m either side of the river which runs through the property. Doing this will allow for the successful conservation of many species whose numbers have dwindled in previous decades due to unsustainable methods of agriculture, hunting, and deforestation.

Over the coming weeks our role here is to aid the Eco Preservation Society with the reforestation and management 

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAof the project, and to film every aspect in order to generate funding and to attract in the desperately needed volunteers to aid with reforestation efforts. One element of our promotional work is the filming of a reality style series about life here at Ocean Ranch called ‘Seedlings’, the first episode of which you can catch below.


It is an absolute pleasure to be assisting with the essential work being done here, and I hope that we can help the rapid acceleration of the project’s success.  When it is understood that reforestation helps not only those who come in to contact with the forest, but everyone, all of whom rely on these natural habitats for clean breathable air, it becomes clear why this work is so important, and I really am delighted to be a part of it.




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