Our Vision

OWL LogoAt On With Life (OWL) we aim to connect people to the values and ideas that can lay the foundations for a better future. We believe a world based on the principles of compassion, peace, social justice, and environmental protection are achievable if together we shake off the unsustainable constraints that dominate our society and explore new, progressive, social concepts with enthusiasm, passion and determination.


We believe that each and every one of us has their part to play in achieving this goal. Whilst each person’s contribution will differ in both nature and scale, all are equally important; for it is the action of the collective which invokes real change.


Communication and connectivity are undoubtedly the best assets available to us today. No longer do we have to feel overwhelmed by the scale of the task at hand. Through connecting people, we aim to support and inspire each other so that we can feel part of something bigger, something stronger.


By visiting, working with and profiling these organisations, communities and individuals, we can create a network of people who share our vision – connecting them to ethical projects  that can educate us in the skills we need to embark upon this journey; a journey that has already begun.

Awareness of the political, social and environmental crisis’ gripping the planet has never been more important, nevertheless we believe the best way to achieve a better future is to focus on the many positive things being done in the world and the people that are doing them.

Through embarking on a journey of creativity, open-mindedness and discovery – sharing and evolving as human being’s and building these connections – we hope to both inspire and be inspired, together getting on with life and on with living!


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